Year 2012 2013 2014 Q1/Q2 2015
Gross Revenues
Total Debt, including LOC

Percentage of Accounts Receivable > 60 Days
Significant Related Party Transactions Yes No
Overall Industry
Senior Accounting Leader
Type of CPA Compliance Work
Size of CPA Firm
Segration of Duties - Accountant Signs Checks Yes No
Segration of Duties - Accountant Prepares and Approves Reconciliations Yes No
Change of CPA Firms in Past 5 Years Yes No
Active Ownership, Board and / or Advisory Council Yes No

Please appreciate that based upon this inputted information a set of historical  trends relating to financial fraud trends is derived. This set of calculation is not in lieu of having a professional analysis – our objective is solely to identify those possible higher risks scenarios,   The calculated results will place your entity into one of three categories Relatively Lower Moderate Risks, or High Risk.