When engaging a financial forensic professional, you need a firm with depth of experience and solid credentials. Don’t make a decision based solely on cost — consider the value you’ll receive. Choosing a top financial forensic firm provides:

  • Higher success rate in winning your case
  • Ability to recover more money lost by fraud
  • Verifiable reputation — ensuring your experts’ opinion(s) are taken with greater credibility

Even free wouldn’t be worth it if you lost the case and recovered nothing

Lakelet Financial Forensics Group offers extensive functional and industry experience to support attorneys in defending their claims. Our team is experienced in solving contractual disputes, opining on complex financial transactions, and providing expert witness testimony.

With decades of litigation support experience, we ensure that a professional and impeccably documented set of processes and findings are made available to the appropriate party in an expedited manner. We engage as a value-added member of your legal team. Whether you are defending your company against a claim, need arbitration to resolve a business dispute, or seek to recover losses and damages – Lakelet Financial Forensics Group will uncover the truth so that you receive a fair and just settlement.

Our litigation services include the following:

  • Bankruptcy Fraud
  • Business interruption
  • Commercial damages
  • Contract damages
  • Share holder disputes
  • Tax fraud