Jan Newsletter Crossword Puzzle Answers


3.  Duties - The most effective step to detect and prevent collusion is segregation of ___.

4.   Time - When it comes to corporate turnarounds, ___ is of the essence.

6.   Ethics - Protect your organization from fraud by promoting strong ___ throughout the organization.

7.   Fraud – Every organization should have a written policy regarding ___.

8.   White collar - ___ crime is significantly on the rise and is becoming increasingly difficult to identify and effectively respond to. 

11.  Benchmarking - The process of comparing one's organizational processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other industries.

2.   Opportunity - The most expensive cost of a turnaround is the ___ costs.

3.   Management - CPAs only identify about 3% of instances of fraud during audits, while ___ finds 6% of frauds by accident.

4.   Financial - Financial forensic professionals perform ___ investigations, provide analysis, support litigation and / or prosecution, and report their findings to the counsel, company officers and / or the board.

5.   Change – Failure to ___ is one of the many reasons turnarounds fail.



1.   Forensic - To deal with fraud, you need a professional financial ___ fraud examiner. 

2.   Advisor - The roles of a “value-added” CFO include: Expand leadership skills and increase capacity as a trusted ___.

5.   Valuation - In cases of business interruption, a ___expert will estimate lost profits caused by fire, flood, or other unforeseen events, as well as project the economic loss caused by an injury or wrongful death.

9.   Investigating - Financial Forensics is often referred to as “the art and science of ___ people and money.

10.  Five – The percentage of revenue a typical organization loses to fraud each year.