Below are a few testimonials from diverse industries / clients of the firm.

“Our firm is extremely pleased with the quick results of LFFG's investigation.  We engaged LFFG to assist in determining the economic loss associated with a dispute. LFFG provided an equitable damage calculation, provided documentation of the calculation and negotiated with all parties for an expedited solution. LFFG concluded the economic loss claim against our Company was approximately half the cost of the original claim.”
 —  International Utility Company


“As a result of our continuous growth, and to ensure we mitigate our exposure to fraudulent activities and non-optimal processes / systems, our financial services firm hired Lakelet to design, implement, test, document and audit the key controls surrounding our financial servicing systems. This engaged work included, but was not limited to, analyzing our security, availability, process integrity, confidentiality and privacy. We were very pleased with the timely results and actions taken to mitigate our exposure in the aforementioned areas.” 
—   Financial Services Firm


 “As a result of our company selling a key product line – we need to have retroactively carved-out detailed business and financial analysis for this product line that would pass the rigorous scrutiny of the buyer’s due diligence. This requirement was for a 10-year period. The process was further complicated by international transactions, shared inventory components, shared manufacturing facilities, multiple financial systems, and very limited consistency over the past decade. All this, and a sale was achieved within 45 days of having Lakelet Financial Forensics Group engaged in this monumental financial reconstruction. Lakelet Financial Forensics Group’s ability to collect, interpret, document and summarize results via technology was most impressive.”
— Medical Device Company


“Several months ago we received a proposal from Lakelet Financial Forensics Group to perform a business valuation for our 49% ownership of shareholder equity in a very contentious legal action with the majority shareholders. Unfortunately, we opted to go a cheaper route. During the legal process, the arbitrator “threw out” this valuation due to its assumptions, methodology, and lack of acceptable standards. Our attorney insisted that we engage Lakelet Financial Forensics Group for this business valuation. Within 21 days, Lakelet Financial Forensics Group prepared a business valuation that not only met all the legal requisites but, more importantly, set up a financial foundation where all parties agreed to the principles and value determined by Lakelet Financial Forensics Group. No further action was required. I could have saved months of legal challenges and frustration by hiring them immediately.”
— Discrete Manufacturing Entity


“Growing companies in dynamic industries such as ours, face a transitional period where redefining the mission becomes necessary for sustained growth. Lakelet Financial Forensics Group’s team facilitated this important process and provided guidance and direction. The crucial step in our development between strategy definition and execution was the creation of a plan that addressed our operational, marketing, financial and human capital requirements. Moreover, their experience in raising capital provided us with the best probability of refinancing the company.”
— Beverage Company


“Over the past year, our CPA firm has worked with Lakelet Financial Forensics Group on two separate engagements. In both challenging situations, our client was extremely satisfied with the tangible results generated. Lakelet Financial Forensics Group’s collaboration efforts were most impressive, not only with us but with the banks, employees, attorneys, investors, customers and vendors. Their approach was very hands-on and focus-oriented. This week, our firm has submitted another proposal to utilize Lakelet Financial Forensics Group.”
— CPA Firm


“In order to fully develop the strategic direction of the company, it was necessary to have a detailed business valuation performed by an independent proven Accredited Business Valuator. Lakelet Financial Forensics Group performed admirably. Not only were they able to produce a thorough analysis of our industry, market and company, but our Board was able to review the final product within a month. Even in this abbreviated period – the firm took the time to understand the intricacies of our company, our business and its value. The detailed business valuation was more than a number crunching exercise. The firm fully explained to the Board and all our relevant stakeholders the nature of the valuation exercise and the results derived.”
— Environmental Services


“This is just a note to thank you personally for assisting our municipality in its strategic planning initiatives. I’m impressed in how efficient your firm was in providing these services and how much we’ve benefited in our critical analysis sessions. Your professional insight is refreshing, extremely candid and inspiring. I appreciate it when a consultant challenges the status quo and can guide us down new directions we never saw before. Your passion for what you do is evident in every call, meeting and email. I really feel like you are one of the team and that makes all the difference.”
— Governmental Agency


“With the ever-growing federal and state financial challenges thrust upon our municipality, it is often difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your firm was able to quickly grasp our critical issues and resource obstacles to efficiently help us evaluate our current practices and lay the foundation for a strategic plan for the coming years. We learned how to use our limited resources more effectively and discovered cost-effective, efficient ways to mitigate our prior limitations.”
—  Governmental Agency